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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the oldest and strongest Virginia health insurance companies. Owned as part of the Wellpoint group, Anthem is available in all areas of Virginia west of Route 123/Chain Bridge Road. Anthem has one of the largest provider networks in the state of Virginia and allows access to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network nationwide, so you don’t have to worry about your coverage when you travel. The network includes over 94 million members and has in-network benefits at nearly 90% of physicians and 80% of hospitals nationwide. The network re-pricing discounts just for being a member average more than 48% per claim, saving you money even when you haven’t met your chosen deductible.

With the new Affordable Care Act, each carrier created new health insurance plans for the marketplace – Anthem BCBS released the HealthKeepers Core, Essential, and Preferred plans.  These new plans feature more comprehensive benefits than before and include a range of deductible options to suit everyone’s budgets and no charge for preventative care.  Preventative care includes immunizations, PSA screenings, Mammograms, and well-child care.

Please note, each plan features a four-letter code at the end of their names.  When filling out an application, make sure the entire name (including the four-letter code) is stated clearly.

The HealthKeepers Core plan is Anthem’s bronze level plan.  This plan is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their premiums low and still get a great level of protection. Within the Core plan, there are five options for the individual to choose from:

  1. Anthem HealthKeepers Core DirectAccess with HSA – cacd
  2. Anthem HealthKeepers Core DirectAccess – cabw
  3. Anthem HealthKeepers Core DirectAccess with Child Dental – cdbw
  4. Anthem HealthKeepers Core DirectAccess – caam
  5. Anthem HealthKeepers Core DirectAccess with HSA – caas

The HealthKeepers Essential plan is Anthem’s silver level plan.  This plan is a nice balance for those who want a low premium and a low deductible. Within the Essential plan, there are four options for the individual to choose from:

  1. Anthem HealthKeepers Essential DirectAccess – cbky
  2. Anthem HealthKeepers Essential DirectAccess – cbjs
  3. Anthem HealthKeepers Essential DirectAccess – cbfs
  4. Anthem HealthKeepers Essential DirectAccess – cbau

The HealthKeepes Preferred plan is Anthem’s gold level plan.  This plan is great for those who have predictable medical expenses, want a very low deductible, or simply want to limit the potential cost they may take on in the event of an injury or illness.  Within the Preferred plan, there are two options for the individual to choose from:

  1. Anthem HealthKeepers Preferred DirectAccess – ccam
  2. Anthem HealthKeepers Preferred DirectAccess with Child Dental – cdda


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Anthem BCBS does not offer catastrophic or platinum level plans.

Each of Anthem’s plans feature an HMO network with a tiered hospital structure.  In-network hospitals will be categorized as “tier 1” or “tier 2” – you will pay a lower cost share at tier 1 hospitals than you would at a tier 2 hospital.

All Anthem BCBS plans have an option to add bariatric surgery coverage for an additional premium.


Click here for a free instant quote comparison of health insurance plans from Anthem and other top major medical insurance companies.  If you have any questions about Anthem’s health insurance plans, give us a call at 1-800-571-2980 or e-mail us at Info@terminsurancebrokers.com.