Dental and vision insurance are great supplemental benefits to add to your health insurance coverage to help protect your teeth and eyes.

Spirit Dental offers a variety of dental insurance options to meet your needs.  The carrier features four plans for you to choose from.  You can select between a $1,200, $2,500, or $3,500 max benefit.  Under the indemnity plans, you can choose any dentist.  That’s right! No networks!  The MaxCare plans feature a PPO network, but typically a lower premium as well.  All four plans feature only a $100 lifetime deductible and there are No Waiting Periods!

Click on each plan name below to view the specific plan brochure and the benefits under each option:

Spirit Dental – Indemnity Gold
Spirit Dental – Indemnity Silver
Spirit Dental – MaxCare Gold
Spirit Dental – MaxCare Silver

Click here to view a side-by-side comparison of all four plans

Spirit’s EyeMed vision insurance is an available add-on to their dental insurance plans.  Featuring premiums as low as $7 per month, the vision insurance add-on offers great savings on your eyecare and eyewear.  Click here to learn more!


How Do I Enroll for My Dental and Vision Insurance?

Enrolling for dental and vision insurance with Spirit is extremely quick and easy (for Virginia – if in another state, please contact us prior to enrolling). Simply click on the picture below and it will take you to the enrollment screen to sign up for your dental and vision coverage.  It’s all completed in just a few easy steps.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-972-0024 to speak with one of our live expert agents who can assist with answering any questions you may have. Send us an e-mail by clicking here.

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