Why should I buy no medical exam life insurance?

Purchasing a life insurance policy generally requires the insured person to take a medical exam and have the insurance company write to their physician(s) to obtain medical records.  This is done to verify the state of your health and offer you the lowest possible rates available.  However, some people do not feel comfortable taking a medical exam, but still have a need for term life insurance or whole life insurance.  If you fall into this group of people, life insurance with no medical exam may be a suitable product.

What are the benefits of no medical exam life insurance?

  • Up to $400,000 of coverage or more! 
  • No medical exam required!
  • Policies can be issued in 24-48 hours, while traditional term life insurance or whole life insurance underwriting may take 4-8 weeks
  • Up to 30 year term life insurance available, or buy coverage guaranteed for life

What are the drawbacks of no medical exam life insurance?

  • Amount of coverage is limited – if you need more than $350,000 of coverage, a fully underwritten policy would be the best option
  • Premiums are more expensive than traditional fully underwritten life insurance that requires a medical exam
  • No ultra-preferred risk classes available
  • Length of coverage choices more limited than medically underwritten term life insurance – some companies may not offer 20 and 30 year terms at older ages

How can I get a quote for life insurance with no medical exam?

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