CareFirst Blue Cross / Blue Shield’s most comprehensive, lowest deductible plan is BlueChoice HMO.  These plans all have a $0 deductible, low co-payments for covered services, and no charge for preventative care.  There are three different plans – the $20/30 co-pay plan, $15/25 plan, and $10/20 plan.  The BlueChoice plan includes coverage for maternity benefits with no waiting period if you elect to add the maternity rider.  Benefits for the BlueChoice HMO $15/25 co-pay plan in Washington DC are as follows:

Deductible – $0

– None

Annual out of pocket limit
– $3,000 for individuals, $6,000 for individual + child(ren), $6,000 for individual + spouse, $9,000 for families

Lifetime Maximum
– Unlimited

Office visits
– $15 for primary care physician, $25for specialists

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy – $15 primary care, $25 specialist (up to 30 visits per year)

Preventative care – No charge

Prescriptions – $100 annual deductible, then $10 co-pay for Tier 1 (generics), $25 co-pay for Tier 2 (preferred brand name), $40 for Tier 3 (non-preferred brand name).

Emergency Room
– $50 co-pay (waived if admitted).  $25 co-pay for affiliated urgent care facilities.

Outpatient Lab/X-ray
– No charge

Outpatient Surgery
– $50 facility co-pay plus office visit co-pay if applicable

Hospitalization – $500 co-pay per admission.  No charge for medical and surgical services or inpatient prescription drugs.

Maternity office visits
(if maternity rider added) – Primary care $15 per visit (up to $150 per pregnancy), specialist $25 per visit (up to $250 per pregnancy).  $25 per visit to birthing center.

Maternity hospital stay (
labor & delivery, if maternity rider added) – $500 co-pay per admission.  No charge for delivery or nursing care.

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