Principal’s HH750 individual disability insurance is one of the most comprehensive products in the industry, offering very competitive premiums, excellent contract terms, and a solid reputation for being a leading disability insurer.

Competitive advantages of Principal’s HH750 disability insurance policy include the following:

  • True “own occupation” definition of disability available for many occupations
  • Guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable (premiums can never increase and contract terms cannot be changed)
  • Occupation class 5A additional premium discount available for selected occupations such as actuaries, architects, attorneys CPA’s, engineers, executives, and pharmacists)
  • Coverage up to age 70 available
  • Waiver of premiums while on claim and a refund of premiums for any months paid when eligible for claim
  • Benefits for partial disabilities and a recovery provision for lost income, even after recovering from disability.  Proportional benefit for the full benefit period.
  • Automatic minimum 4% compound increases for the first six years of coverage
  • Benefit update offers additional coverage without any medical evidence of insurability every 3 years
  • No time limitation on mental/nervous disorders for most occupations and states (additional discount offered in states that require a limitation)
  • Cost of living adjustment available to keep pace with inflation
  • Death benefit pays a lump sum equal to 3 times the monthly benefit in the event of death while on claim
  • Supplemental health benefit pays a lump sum equal to 6 times the monthly benefit in the event of cancer, a stroke, or a coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Capital sum benefit pays a lump sum equal to 12 times the monthly benefit in the event of an irrecoverable loss of sight in one eye, or loss of one foot or hand
  • Lifetime benefit for presumptive disabilities if you choose an age-65 or longer benefit period
  • Extended total disability benefit rider pays additional benefits after age 65 for a total disability before age 55

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