John Hancock was one of the original “pioneers” of the long term care insurance market and continues to have among the best financial ratings of all companies today.  They have been in business for over 145 years, are one of the most experienced LTC insurance providers with over 1 million LTC policyholders, and have paid more than $2 billion in LTC claims.  The company maintains an A+ financial rating from AM Best.

Substantial discounts are offered for John Hancock long term care insurance policies for qualifying individuals or couples.  Those discounts include:

  • Spouse/partner – 30% discount for partners applying together when both are approved
  • Married – 15% discount if you are married, but your spouse/partner does not purchase a policy
  • Family discount – 5% discount when you and at least two other family members own separate John Hancock LTC policies (all family members insured get the discount)
  • Preferred health – 10% discount for being in good health
  • Valued Client discount – 5% discount if you own a John Hancock or Manulife annuity or life insurance policy

John Hancock currently offers the following plan:

Custom Care II Enhanced – a comprehensive long term care insurance policy with many customizable features.  Benefits can include the following:

  • Benefit periods of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10 years (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 years for joint policies with Shared Care)
  • Daily benefits of $50-500 per day or monthly benefits of $1500-$15,000 per month
  • Elimination period choices of 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days
  • Compound inflation protection (optional)
  • Double coverage for accidents before age 65
  • Waiver of premium after your benefits begin
  • Waiver of elimination period for home healthcare (optional)
  • Return of Premium to age 65 (enhanced option available past age 65)
  • Shared Care benefit for joint policies (optional)
  • Additional cash benefit (optional)
  • Survivorship benefit for a spouse (optional)
  • Limited pay options (10-pay or pay to age 65)
  • Restoration of Benefits (optional)
  • Nonforfeiture benefit (optional)

To get a quote for a John Hancock long term care insurance policy, please give us a call at 1-888-972-0024 or CLICK HERE to send us an e-mail 24 hours a day.  We can help design a long term care policy to suit your personal needs and budget and compare the cost of John Hancock’s coverage with rates from other long term care insurance companies.  Due to the number of variables involved with structuring long term care insurance, instant online quoting is not available.