Anyone who enrolled in a new health insurance policy on the federal exchange through in its initial open enrollment period can tell you how much of a hassle it was.  Many of our clients spent hours trying to navigate the exchange website, get around its quirks and error messages, and spent countless hours on the phone with their “help” line, only to be left even more confused and frustrated than before.  There was no option to have an insurance agent help with the actual enrollment, so applicants were left to fend for themselves. 

Fortunately, there is a much faster streamlined way to complete the enrollment process for 2015.  CMS (the government agency which regulates the market) has approved a select number of websites known as “web broker entities” to facilitate enrollment, greatly simplifying the process by removing the unnecessary questions, automatically calculating subsidy amounts on the fly based on ages, zip code, and household income. has partnered with HealthSherpa to offer this service to all of our clients, and our quoting site can be accessed at the following link – On-Exchange Health Insurance Quotes

The above link is for on-exchange policies only.  You should only apply through the exchange if you are eligible for a premium subsidy, otherwise you are better off purchasing a policy off-exchange since there are more companies and plans to choose from than on-exchange.  In Virginia, companies like United Healthcare, Humana, and Assurant Health only offer policies off-exchange.  Call us at 702-476-3805 or send us an email to get quotes for off-exchange policies!