What is participating whole life insurance?

Participating whole life is one of two main types of whole life insurance and is much more flexible than non-participating whole life.  Mutual insurance companies consider their policyholders partial owners of the company, and this type of contract allows the owner to “participate” in any excess profits by returning part of your premium in the form of a dividend.  Mutual insurance companies are often some of the most financially secure in the industry, with many boasting financial ratings of A+ or A++.  The premiums and cash values are guaranteed for life from the first day of the policy.  Dividends are not guaranteed, but can provide additional benefits when they are paid – the dividends can be used to:

  • Take a cash payment in the form of a check
  • Increase the cash value within the policy, helping to build the cash value more significantly each year that the dividends are re-invested
  • Purchase paid-up additional life insurance to increase the total death benefit
  • Offset the premiums owed by the amount of the dividend


A participating whole life insurance policy is an excellent way to:

  • Build for your children’s future
  • Save for your own retirement
  • Replace lost income
  • Provide additional compensation for key employees of a business
  • Protect the ownership interest in a business.

How can I get a quote for a participating whole life insurance policy?

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