Aviation activities can have an effect on the rates that pilots of both airplanes and helicopters pay for life insurance.  The risk rating assigned by insurance companies can vary substantially and will be based on the type of flight activities, your experience level, how often you fly, and other factors.

Life insurance companies will want to know the following information to make an accurate risk assessment:

  1. What type of aircraft do you fly?
  2. What type of pilot license do you hold?
  3. How many hours have you flown in the past year? Past two years?  How many total flight hours?
  4. What is the purpose of your pilot activities (i.e. work, pleasure, stunts, skydiving, etc)?
  5. What areas do you fly to?  Within the US only, or international travel also?
  6. Do you fly for a commercial airline, or on private planes?
  7. Have you ever participated in an air show or done aerial acrobatics?
  8. Do you have and maintain instrument flight rating (IFR)?
  9. Are any of your flight activities related to the military?

Some companies will offer up to the best (Preferred Plus) rates for pilots given certain activities.  Other flight activities that are riskier may require a “flat extra” rating, which is an extra cost per thousand dollars of coverage, such as $2.50.  An example would be a $1,000,000 policy with a flat extra rating of $2.50 per thousand would cost $2,500 plus the regular cost of insurance.

An alternative option with some companies is an aviation exclusion rider, where the company may offer you the best possible risk class, but not pay claims for any flight-related death other than as a fare-paying passenger.

If you are a pilot, you should not apply with multiple companies at the same time.  Without shopping your case for the best possible offer, you will never know if you are paying thousands of dollars in extra premiums!

You need the help of an independent life insurance agent that can shop your flight activities profile informally (no personal information is revealed to the insurance companies, just a general profile).  We specialize in high risk life insurance and make sure you are getting the best possible offer.  This is how it works:

  1. Call us at 1-888-972-0024 to review by phone.  You can also e-mail us by CLICKING HERE.
  2. We submit your general flight activities profile to 10-15 of the most competitive, highly rated life insurance companies with the lowest rates in the industry (again, no personal information is disclosed)
  3. We review each of the offers and send you a spreadsheet with the lowest rates from the company or companies that made the best offer(s)
  4. You apply for the policy of your choice.  We walk you through the application, follow up on the underwriting, and get the finalized offer.  Note, there is no cost to apply and no obligation to accept the final offer from the insurer.
  5. The policy can be delivered, signed, and paid for electronically with many insurers today – a paper policy delivery can still be mailed upon request.  Once the signatures and initial payment are completed – you’re done!