CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the local individual market Blue Cross/Blue Shield carrier for Washington DC.  CareFirst has more policyholders than any other company in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Over 3.4 million members are offered a variety of plans to suit different budgets and coverage preferences.  From low-cost, high-deductible plans compatible with a health savings account to comprehensive plans with deductibles as low as $0, CareFirst has an option for everyone.  Coverage is priced based on the age of the oldest family member and is assigned in one of the following ways:

  • Individual
  • Individual + Child(ren)
  • Individual + Adult
  • Family

Based on the above pricing structure, CareFirst is an even better option for families with many children since the same price is charged whether there is one child or ten children.  Conversely, the pricing structure is less favorable for families with one child and another carrier may be a better option.  Get an instant quote comparison to find out what works best for your family.

The plans available from CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington DC include the following:

BluePreferred HSA PPO – A high deductible policy compatible with a health savings account.  Lower premiums, preventative care covered with fixed co-payments before your deductible.  No annual limit for prescription drugs and just one single deductible for the whole family.  Deductible choices of $1,200 or $2,700 (individual) and $2,400 or $5,400 (family).   

BluePreferred  Underwritten PPO
– A traditional health plan with low deductibles.  Featuring fixed co-payments for office visits and prescriptions.  Your choice of $100, $300, $500, $750, or $2,500 deductibles (per person).

BluePreferred Saver PPO
– Similar to BluePreferred Underwritten, but with a limit of two office visits per person with a fixed co-payment and a $150 separate deductible for prescriptions.  This plan DOES NOT cover brand name drugs.  We strongly recommend purchasing a plan with brand name drug coverage and no annual prescription limit.  Your choice of $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 deductibles (per person).

BlueChoice Open Enrollment HMO – A guaranteed issue Washington DC health insurance plan.  No waiting period for pre-existing conditions.  $0 deductible, low co-payments for covered services, and low premiums.

BlueChoice HSA HMO – Similar to BluePreferred HSA PPO, but with a more restricted HMO network, lower co-payments for some services, and maternity coverage available with no waiting period .  Deductible options of $1,200 or $2,700 (individual) and $2,400 or $5,400 (family).

BlueChoice HMO Underwritten – Three plan choices, all with a $0 deductible, low co-payments for covered services, and no charge for preventative care.  Options for $10/20 co-pays, $15/30 co-pays, and $20/30 co-pays.

CareFirst HIPAA – Coverage with no medical questions for individuals that do not qualify for underwritten plans.  One PPO option and one HMO option are available.  Individuals must be HIPAA-eligible to purchase one of the available plans – premiums are much higher than fully underwritten coverage.  To get more information on whether you may be HIPAA eligible, please complete the form below.

Maternity benefits are available for all PPO and HMO plans as an optional rider for a fixed cost of $126.00 per month regardless of plan and deductible.  There is a 10-month waiting period before conception for benefits to be paid on PPO plans, but no waiting period on HMO plans.

If you would like to compare quotes for CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other health insurance companies, click here to view and compare instantly! You can also complete the short form below, call 1-800-571-2980 from 9 AM to 9 PM, or e-mail us at 24 hours a day.