Survivorship benefits are an essential part of any joint/shared long term care insurance policy.  Generally, a survivorship benefit is offered when both insureds have been covered under the policy for at least 10 years without any claims and then one spouse dies.  After the first spouse dies, the policy is then paid for the remaining spouse’s entire life with no further premiums required.

Some companies include survivorship benefits as a standard part of the policy, while others may offer it as an optional rider.  There are also “enhanced” survivorship options which allow the policy to be paid up for life after 7 years of premium payments regardless of claims made.  While standard survivorship benefits are included as a part of some policies, enhanced survivorship benefits always require an additional cost on top of the base policy.

A survivorship benefit could save the remaining spouse hundreds of thousands of dollars in future insurance costs and should be strongly considered for any policy that does not already include it as a feature.

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