Guardian’s ProVider Plus individual disability insurance policy is the most comprehensive product with the best contract terms in the industry.  Disability insurance is different from other types of insurance in that whether a claim is paid is solely based on the definitions and terms within the contract.  Life insurance is simple – you are either dead or not dead and a claim is paid if you die and isn’t paid when you live.  Disability claims are more complex and you truly get what you pay for when it comes to disability insurance.

Competitive advantages of Guardian’s ProVider Plus policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A++ financial rating, the highest rating available
  • The most favorable contract terms in the industry
  • True “own occupation” definition of disability, including a specialty definition for physicians and dentists  that have limited their occupation to a single field
  • Guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable (premiums can never increase and contract terms cannot be changed)
  • Occupation class 6 available for attorneys, architects, CPA’s, some engineers, high-income executives, and optometrists.
  • Coverage up to age 67 available
  • 5 year waiver of elimination period for subsequent disabilities
  • Waiver of premiums while on claim and a refund of premiums for any months paid when eligible for claim
  • 6-month waiver of premiums after a disability ends
  • A dollar-for-dollar benefit on lost income for partial disabilities in the first 12 months.  Only requires a 15% loss of income and no loss of time or duties.  Proportional benefit for the full benefit period up to age 67.
  • Elimination (waiting) periods do not have to be consecutive days of inability to work
  • Automatic 4% compound increases for the first five years of coverage
  • No time limitation on mental/nervous disorders
  • Cost of living adjustment is a guaranteed 3% compounded interest rate (most companies use a simple interest or are tied to the CPI without any guaranteed increase)
  • Premiums waived for up to 12 months for unemployment
  • Upon recovery from a disability, COLA increases are included with your base benefit at no extra charge and do not reset
  • Business overhead expense  (BOE) coverage available
  • Key person benefits available
  • Disability buyout coverage available
  • Business reducing term coverage available

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