TermInsuranceBrokers.com is licensed as an independent broker with Innovation Health. Innovation Health is owned by Aetna and is a partnership with the INOVA hospital system.

Everyone is different – we all have our own needs, health, monetary budget, and desires when it comes to our health insurance coverage. All Innovation Health plans feature a PPO network, but operate in a very unique way as all in-network facilities are located in Northern Virginia. You must live in Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Fairfax City, Falls Church City, or Loudoun County to sign up for an Innovation Health plan.

The INOVA hospital system has won a number of awards for their services and features some of the most highly-rated healthcare facilities in the country with 5 hospitals and over 3,700 physicians in their network along with a number of ambulatory care sites, outpatient centers, and stand-alone emergency care centers.

With the new Affordable Care Act, each carrier created new health insurance plans for the marketplace that feature more comprehensive benefits than before. Innovation Health released plans for the catastrophic, bronze, and silver level plans that can be purchased on or off the health insurance exchanges – the carrier offers a gold level plan, however, it is only available on the exchanges. They do not offer a platinum level plan.

Catastrophic plans are only available to individuals under age 30. This plan is an excellent choice for young adults who want to keep their premiums to the lowest possible level and are willing to share a larger portion of the costs in the event of an illness or injury. Innovation Health only offers one catastrophic plan:

  1. Innovation Health Basic PD

Bronze plans are an excellent choice for those who want to keep their premiums low and still get a great level of protection. Innovation Health offers five options for their bronze plan:

  1. Innovation Health AdvantagePlus 5500 PD
  2. Innovation Health Advantage 6350 PD

Silver plans offer a nice balance for those who want a low premium and a low deductible. Innovation Health offers four options for their silver plan:

  1. Innovation Health Classic 3500 PD
  2. Innovation Health Classic 5000 PD

Gold plans are great for those who have predictable medical expenses, want a very low or no deductible, or simply want to limit the potential cost they may take on in the event of an illness or injury. Innovation Health offers two options for their gold plan:

  1. Innovation Health Premier 2000 PD


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