The Principal is a leading financial company offering a wide variety of products to suit the both individuals and businesses.  Principal maintains an A+ financial rating from A.M. Best and offers the following products:

Principal Term Life – A term life insurance policy with premiums and death benefits fixed and guaranteed for your choice of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.  Conversion options to permanent insurance with no additional underwriting are offered for the full guaranteed period, all the way up to age 70.

Universal Life Protector III – A universal life insurance policy featuring death benefits and premiums fixed and guaranteed for life.  Features a lapse protection guarantee to guarantee death benefits regardless of cash value.  A shorter guaranteed period (such as to age 85, 90, or 95) can also reduce the required premiums.

Universal Life Flex – A universal life insurance policy with the flexibility to adjust premium payments over time, or to accumulate a greater cash value.  Does not feature the lapse protection guarantee that is included with the Universal Life Protector III product.

Survivorship Universal Life Protector – A survivorship universal life insurance (joint life insurance) policy with death benefits and premiums fixed and guaranteed for life.  This policy insures two people (usually a husband and wife) and only pays a benefit upon the second death.  Commonly used for estate planning purposes to pay the estate tax, or to transfer wealth to children or other beneficiaries.

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