Two of the most common medical conditions that people face when applying for life insurance are treatment (usually prescriptions) for high blood pressure/hypertension and high cholesterol or elevated triglycerides.  Most life insurance companies will not offer the Preferred Plus (best risk class, lowest premium) rates to people who are being treated for these conditions with medication.   However, there are two companies, Banner Life and Genworth Life and Annuity Company, that can offer Preferred Plus rate to applicants who exhibit normal readings with use of the prescription(s).

The medical exam and history of readings from your physician will play an important part in the underwriting.  We suggest completing the required medical exam at 7 or 8 AM to put forth the best numbers.  After a day of eating certain foods, drinking coffee or other stimulants, or experiencing stress, an exam taken at night can have skewed numbers that have a negative impact on the underwriting.  The exam should also be done as a fasting blood test, with nothing to eat after 8 PM the night before.

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