Yes – you can secure life insurance even if you skydive. However, every policy will ask you if you participate in any extreme or hazardous activities – this includes skydiving. When this is answered yes, they will likely ask you to complete a questionnaire to provide details.

Some carriers will offer full coverage, but will charge a flat extra (an additional amount per $1,000 of coverage). Some life insurance policies will cover skydivers (and death caused by skydiving) with a flat extra. This is an premium added onto the policy to cover the added risk incurred by being a skydiver.

Some carriers will offer coverage, but require an exclusion rider (stating that if you die under this condition, the policy will not pay out the death benefit amount).

It may cost more for a program that will protect against death as a result of a skydiving incident, but it can be worth it – the choice is ultimately yours. Adjusting the face amount and/or term length are ways of controlling premium costs as well.

When you’re no longer skydiving, you may want to look into re-writing your coverage to secure a more favorable premium structure – keep in mind, most carriers will generally look-back 2 years on these activities though. There are some simplified issue, non-medical, life insurance policies that do not ask about about extreme activities, but these programs will generally feature a substantially higher premium and the amount you can secure under a single policy will be limited.