Yes, you can get life insurance after breast cancer, but you’re going to want to shop the case before applying for coverage. Running a “free quote” on a website is not going to provide you with much useful information with this type of medical history.

With a medical history of breast cancer, the risk class carriers will offer is going to vary quite a bit between them. You’re generally going to be looking at a substandard table-rating for coverage and most free quotes only provide rates for up to standard risk classes. Standard rates may be possible depending on the amount of time since the treatment was completed for the cancer.

The type of cancer, stage of cancer, course of treatment, is treatment completed, how long since the last date of treatment, and any other medical conditions are some of the factors that will go into the underwriting evaluation by each carrier.

In general, most carriers will want to wait at least 2-5 years from the date treatment is completed for most cancer histories before they will consider offering any coverage (varies by carrier and type of cancer).

Guaranteed-issue whole life policies (GIWL) are available as they do not ask health questions and there is no exam. These are “graded” policies and generally feature a 2 year waiting (graded) period before providing full coverage (payment of proceeds when death of the insured occurs by illness or injury) – if the insured dies under accidental means during the graded period, the policy will pay the full death benefit. GIWL policies generally feature a maximum face amount of $20,000-25,000 under a single policy (varies by carrier).

With this type of medical history, you do NOT want to just go and apply to multiple companies at the same time – this can work against you. Give us a call 1-888-972-0024 so we can review the medical history so we can shop the case for you and secure the most accurate quotes.