ING Group is the parent company of life insurance companies Voya Financial, ING Reliastar and ING Security Life of Denver, and is one of the largest financial corporations in the world.  The company services over 85 million clients around the globe in more than 40 countries, and was ranked #8 on the 2009 Global 500 list from Fortune magazine.  The carrier maintains an “A” financial rating as designated by A.M. Best.

Voya, Reliastar and Security Life of Denver offer extremely flexible underwriting for high risk life insurance cases, and are among the most competitive life insurers for both term life insurance and universal life insurance.    The companies offer the following products to suit a variety of needs:

TermSmart – A term life insurance product that can be guaranteed for a period of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, featuring strong conversion options all the way up to age 75 in case your health changes.

ING ROP Endowment Term – A return of premium term life insurance product that can be guaranteed for a period of 20, 25, or 30 years.  The policy features a cash value that increases over time.  At the end of the guaranteed period, all premiums paid are returned to the owner of the policy (e.g. the cash value is equal to the total premium payments).

ING Guaranteed UL Death Benefit II – A universal life insurance policy that guarantees premiums all the way to age 121, or can be structured to guarantee benefits to any lower age to reduce the premiums.  Even if the cash value is reduced to $0, the death benefit remains in force for life as long as the designated premium payments are made.  An excellent product to generate the highest possible death benefit for the lowest possible premium.

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