Big news update for Medicare-covered individuals in 2016!

A budget deal has been announced that, if it passes through Congress, it will substantially limit the increase many Medicare Part B recipients were facing for 2016.  Originally, proposed increases cited a 52% increase in the standard Medicare Part B premium from $104.90 per month up to $159.30 per month.

The proposal was passed on Wednesday by the House of Representatives.  If the new deal gets passed by the Senate (to be voted on shortly), the Medicare Part B premium for 2016 will be $120 per month, plus a $3 per month surcharge.  Individuals with higher incomes may still be subject to the income-related monthly adjustments and may have to pay higher premiums – the revised figures for higher income individuals has not yet been officially announced.

The rate increase is expected to apply to about 30% of individuals who receive Medicare – including, but not limited to, people who start Medicare in 2016, people on Medicare who do not take Social Security benefits yet, people subject to the income-related monthly adjustments, and people who are dual enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid (since the state’s Medicaid program pays for their premiums).

Be aware though, the new proposal also has a major drawback regarding Social Security retirement benefits that can affect many people.  Under the new deal, if you suspended your benefits (e.g. waiting til a later age to maximize your benefit) and you had a spouse (including divorced spouse) or your children on your work record and they were receiving benefits, then their benefits will be eliminated until you restart your retirement benefit.


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Source article: USA Today