Yes indeed! Your Medicare Part B provides some coverage for blood sugar test strips and testing monitors, lancet devices and lancets, glucose control solutions, and even a pair of therapeutic shoes and inserts. Medicare views these items as types of durable medical equipment (DMEs).

The benefits for therapeutic shoes and inserts are generally provided to diabetics who have a severe foot condition linked to the diabetes (e.g. neuropathy). You must have a prescription from a qualified doctor for Medicare to provide coverage for this DME – usually either a podiatrist, orthoist, pedorthist, or a prosthetist.

Medicare pays for DMEs in different ways – some equipment is rented, some is purchased, and some can be either rented or purchased. For diabetic testing supplies, in general, Medicare will cover 80% of the cost and you are responsible for the other 20% of the Medicare-approved amount – a Medigap plan can help pay the remaining 20% for you.

Please remember, Medicare will only cover DMEs if your doctor or supplier accepts Medicare. If the supplier does not accept assignment, then you may be responsible for the entire cost at the time you acquire the DME. Medicare also doesn’t limit what you can be charged by the supplier.

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