We were asked recently about how original Medicare (Medicare Part A & Part B) and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans cover some of the common vaccine shots such as Flu shots, Pneumonia shots, and Shingles shots. This article will discuss Flu shots – please click on either of the two following links to review Pneumonia shot and shingles shot information:

Pneumococcal Shots (pneumonia)
Shingles Shots

Medicare Part B covers one Flu shot each flu season.

So what’s my cost for a Flu shot under Medicare?

If the provider accepts assignment, they are accepting the Medicare-approved payment amount as payment-in-full.  If you use a provider who does not accept assignment, you may be responsible for up to 20% of the cost of the shot (Original Medicare covers approximately 80% of expenses).

A Medigap plan can help cover that other 20% of expenses (the “gap” in original Medicare).  Flu shots, even if paying out-of-pocket, are fairly inexpensive.  However, your other medical costs can leave you with a big bill.  There are no networks with Medigap plans so you can see any provider who takes Medicare and have up to 100% of the expense covered.

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