Aetna announced today that they have negotiated a deal to buy Humana for $37 billion.

Per CNN (click here for article), Aetna will receive all of the outstanding Humana shares for stock and cash at a price of roughly $230 per share.  The new company will have more than 33 million members.

The deal, however, must still be approved by shareholders and industry regulators.  The closing of the deal is expected to occur towards the second half of 2016, if approved.  Until the deal is closed, Aetna and Humana will continue to operate as separate companies.


How does this affect you?

If you are covered by an Aetna or Humana plan, there will be no changes to your existing coverage.  Upon the approval and closing of the deal, new plans may be offered during the open enrollment period following the completion of the merger.

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