We’ve had some questions lately regarding how the effective dates are determined for on-exchange and off-exchange health plans and what date you need to apply for coverage by to get the effective date you want.  Please refer to the table below to find out when you need to apply by for off-exchange health plans:

Apply By Date Policy Effective Date
November 15, 2014 – December 15, 2014 January 1, 2015
December 16, 2014 – January 15, 2015 February 1, 2015
January 16, 2015 – February 15, 2015 March 1, 2015


Please note, if you apply for a plan sold on an exchange, the effective date for the coverage is determined by the exchange.


Why does it matter if you apply for an on-exchange or an off-exchange health plan?

If you don’t qualify for a federal subsidy for your plan premiums, you’ll have more choices to choose from with off-exchange health plans.

If you’re someone who does qualify for a federal subsidy, then you will want to apply for an on-exchange health plan because the subsidies can only be used towards on-exchange plans.

If you’re unsure if qualify for a subsidy, then call us today and we can help you figure that out and guide you through the health insurance maze so you know that the health plan you buy is the one that is most suitable for your needs.


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