Aetna recently announced they will discontinue sales of individual market health insurance products in the state of Indiana.  While current policyholders may not be affected at this time, they will be unable to change plans within the company and could potentially face higher rate increases in the future.  Here is an excerpt of their announcement:

New sales of Aetna Advantage Plans discontinued in Indiana

Effective immediately, Aetna is discontinuing new business sales of Aetna Advantage Plans for Individuals, Families and the Self Employed in Indiana.

Note: We will continue to offer AARP® Essential Premier Health Insurance Plans, insured by Aetna and Small Group Plans (groups with 2-50 employees) in Indiana.

Why are we making this change?

After reviewing our individual health insurance plans in Indiana, we determined we can no longer meet new customer’s needs and remain competitive in that market.

While this decision was not easy, a number of factors were considered before making this important decision. In keeping with the best interests of our customers, we believe there are other insurers who can better meet their needs Indiana.

Impact to existing policy members

There is no impact to existing members at this time. We will continue to allow existing Indiana Aetna Advantage Plan members to add spouses and dependents to their plans. However, existing members will not be able to change plans.

When insurance companies stop selling in a given state, the “death spiral” of premiums begins because there aren’t any new healthy people to add to the entire pool of risk shared among policyholders.  Younger, healthier policyholders will seek out less expensive plans since they are still able to qualify medically.  That leaves a larger block of older, less healthy policyholders, who tend to have much higher claims.  When the claims increase and there are no new applicants, rates begin to have the snowball effect over time.

While the best insurance company for your family may depend on your location, health history, and budget, we recommend choosing a company with a strong history of stability in your market.  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, for example, has been serving the Virginia health insurance market for over 75 years.  Get an instant health insurance quote by clicking the banner at the top or bottom of the page or give us a call at 1-888-972-0024 from 9 AM to 9 PM.  You can also e-mail 24 hours a day by CLICKING HERE.